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Indirect Taxes such as GST and PST

Corporate taxation in Canada comprise of taxes on corporate income and other levies paid by corporations to the government of Canada. Our team of professional tax accountants.

Corporations are subjected to tax in Canada on their worldwide income if they are a resident in Canada for Canadian tax purposes.One common mistake made with taxpayers of all organizations will be accepting all of the task.

Corporate Tax Checkups

From time to time, it is beneficial to take a “fresh” look at or review the corporate income tax structure that is presently being used to determine whether every available income tax planning opportunity has been considered and executed.
This review is recommended every 3 to 5 years as circumstances and income tax laws change quickly. Resulting opportunities with these changes may yield new tax planning savings.

When we approach this type of review, we:

  • meet with the owner(s) of the corporation to review the owner’s overall structure, the current and projected year’s financial statements and income tax returns
  • prepare a short report summarizing our tax planning ideas and the potential income tax savings and costs to implement
  • create a detailed implementation strategy and outline our tax planning ideas in greater detail
  • monitor the structure for potential opportunities created by changes in income tax laws or other circumstances

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