When most people think about an accountant and what they do they picture these experts as those who serve large corporations. When it comes to the average person and their taxes they think more along the lines of a tax preparer. This is fine as there are many excellent individuals who offer tax filing services but mostly focus on simple tax filings. The first question to ask is this the right professional for you? But, many don’t ask this question because they don’t realize that there are quality tax accountants that offer personal tax services at very reasonable prices. Not all accountants are focused on large businesses. A personal tax accountant can become your best financial friend.


But what is to say your tax filing really is all that simple? What is to say that your tax preparer is getting you all the tax breaks that you may be entitled to? In order to get you the tax breaks, you may be entitled to it means that whoever is doing your taxes needs to know some things about you.

This means asking you important questions. Does your tax preparer have the time to do this?

Quite often the tax preparers that the average person uses is one of the pop-up tax preparation offices. Those that are working in these offices are not usually accountants but have received basic training in tax preparation. The more tax filings they complete the more pay they are likely to receive. Although this is not always the case. But these tax offices tend to be very busy and if a tax preparer is taking too much time with each client then this may not look good on them from an employment perspective. In most cases they work for minimum wage and really don’t have any incentives for offering good customer service outside of the basics.


However for those with a very simple tax return and for those who know they probably won’t have any tax credits they can capitalize on then this type of tax preparer is going to meet the needs.

If you have never used an accountant for your tax filings before but have used a tax preparer you may notice some big differences.

Your first meeting is not going to be where you sit in a chair for fifteen minutes while the accountant prepares your taxes. You will be sitting there answering some important questions. Your accountant wants to be sure they are going to be able to get you every possible tax credit.  For example, the accountant may ask you…

Are there any circumstances where you may be able to claim a disability tax credit? For example, you may have a youngster with ADHD or autism and if so you may be eligible for a tax credit.

Have you incurred any medical expenses that were not covered by your medical insurance? For example, did you have to travel an unusual distance to see a specialist? If so you may be entitled to some travel expenses.

These are just a few examples of how an accountant may go the extra mile in making sure you are getting everything you deserve by way of tax credits.

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