Technology Accountant

It’s no secret that Vancouver is a hotbed for emerging technology companies. Providing service to the technology industry is a cornerstone for Parichehr Royal Accountants.
Accountant & Tax Specialist for Technology Accountant in Vancouver

Our firm helps startups, new ventures and established companies in the tech industry. Parichehr Royal Accountants has an extensive background working with a long list of startup tech companies, whether they are Canadian or situated in the U.S. Silicon Valley.

Parichehr Royal Accountant’s specialized team of Accountants help tech companies, at any stage of growth, with financial statement audits, reviews, and compilation engagements under Canadian and US standards. Our Accountants understand the tax rules on both sides of the border.

Our extensive client base is made up of businesses that specialize in bioactive products, medical devices, call centre services, mobile social media, communications, mobile solutions, digital animation, software development, engineering software, software solutions, IT products and services, video games, and online HR training.

Parichehr Royal Accountant’s accounting professionals are up-to-date on all regulations within the technology industry. We are here for all your needs, including assistance with the following:

  • Recognition of revenue
  • Measurement of share-based compensation
  • Treatment of complex financial instruments
  • Applying for tax credit incentives
  • Complying with regulatory requirements and offer government assistance in pursuing or in maintaining a public listing on Canadian and US stock exchanges
  • Cross-border and other tax planning considerations
  • Capturing the relevant financial information needed for annual accounting and tax return preparation. Recommending what kind of accounting software to use to accomplish this.

Parichehr Royal Accountant’s expertly trained accounting professionals advise on the available government grants and tax credit incentives to apply for, so you can take advantage of maximizing cash resources.