Construction Accounting Services

Parichehr Royal Accountants has spent the length of its time serving the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley providing developers and contractors of commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects with the very best accounting, taxation and business advisory services.
Accountant & Tax Specialist for Construction Companiese

Parichehr Royal Accountants helps construction companies that are working to ensure they have sufficient capital through financing their operations and projects. Our team of CPAs specializing in the construction industry can help with budgeting exercises and actual costs estimates. If your company wishes to redevelop properties, Parichehr Royal Accountants can help inform you of what you need to consider and restructure.

Construction is a major part of Parichehr Royal Accountants’s client base. Operation costs in the market are climbing. Through financial restructuring, we help make it so you do not spread your finances too thin on construction projects. We understand that companies in this industry must have a constant flow of equity, making it instrumental that your accounting department is in check.

Parichehr Royal Accountants’s specialized team of CPAs for the construction industry can take care of that!

Our CPAs can also help you navigate outside partnerships, advising on what management and operational structures need to be in place to ensure that partners are interacting productively.

he construction industry is a unique business environment, and having Senior Accountants onboard that understand that climate and its financial issues can help to ensure your company has success both in the office and out in the field.

Parichehr Royal Accountants’s team assists with the following:

  • Audits
  • Assurance; addressing concerns for bonded companies
  • Navigate expenses involved with construction projects
  • Business structuring
  • Advising on transfer tax; beneficial transfer versus legal transfer—avoiding double taxation
  • CRA taxable benefits
  • Structuring expanding businesses for operation in both Canada and in the U.S

Parichehr Royal Accountants can help structure your business around your own objectives, and ultimately build a tax plan that suits those objectives.